Resume and Qualifications

This page is for you to have an idea of the quality of my work. Because words are important, but facts are what really matters.

Open Notebook


Please feel free to take a look at my resume to know more about how my service has evolved to the high standard I currently hold myself to.

Open Book

Translation and Interpretation Certificates

In this section, you will find my BA in Translation and Interpretation Diploma, and a PRO Certificate I earned from a very famous translators' platform - - for the quality of my English to Italian translation services.

Student Writing

High School Degree in Tourism and Marketing & Training Course for Bar Tenders Certificate

I have studied Tourism and Marketing for 5 years, and this allows me to offer you translations in this field that are effective, using industry-specific terminology. During these 5 years, I have also studied Private Law for 3 years, acquiring the terminology necessary to effectively translate legal contents into Italian.

After High School, I attended a training course for Bar Tenders: I learned all about Cocktails, Coffee and Latte Art.

While I was studying to become a professional translator, I paid my university fees working in the tourism and food industries, putting into practice my previously acquired knowledge and continuing to expand my vocabulary for both fields.

To sum it all up, my educational and professional experiences allow me to offer you high quality Italian translations for Tourism Industry, Marketing Purposes, Food & Wine Industry, Legal field.