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Introducing TiEmme Translations - Your Italian Translator

Hi all 😉!

It's been a few days since I decided to create this website with a blog section, so I thought it might have come the time to do the talking, and finally tell you WHAT you're going to find in here 😎

This blog was born with the intent to raise awareness around the world of translation by sharing, for example:

- thoughts and insights about translation and freelancing. - scientific research findings on language and language learning (neurolinguistics). - funny stories and examples of translation gone wrong. - useful articles for both translators and people who know little to nothing about this world, but are interested in learning more about it (maybe because they need to hire a translator and don't know where to turn to).

Oh, and I promise I am going to avoid all that obscure industry-specific terminology, everything will be crystal clear 🌈

If the above sounds interesting to you, you love languages like I do, or you know someone who could use some advice on how to find a good translator (no, Google Translate doesn't count as translator 😜), stay tuned! 🤗

And don't forget to like this post and share it with your friends on your social networks, 'cause the more the merrier - or at least that's what they say 😄

Thank you,


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