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Thea è una traduttrice eccellente. Ho avuto la fortuna di lavorare con lei a un progetto che richiedeva abilità tecniche e tanta creatività e Thea si è rivelata fin da subito la candidata ideale. Non solo è un'ottima traduttrice: possiede anche una grande passione per la scrittura. Spero di lavorare con lei in futuro.

[Thea has excellent translation skills. I had the opportunity to work with her on a project that required technical skills as well as a lot of creativity, and Thea immediately turned out to be a perfect fit for this job. Not only is she a great translator, but she also is very passionate about writing. I hope I'll be able to work with her again on future projects!]

Rebecca Pakin - Italian Localization Lead at

"I've worked with Thea on a large multi-layered localization project and she has proven to be a competent and efficient professional and a joy to work with. I've had no doubts about making her a long-term collaborator and would recommend her to anybody who is on a lookout for a top-notch Italian translator."

Darya Potkina -

Thea has always been very responsive, detail-oriented, eager to learn and flexible, which is what Creative Words looks for in our translators. She has the potential to excel and offer a top-notch service to her customers, I recommend her with no doubt.

Diego Cresceri - CEO and PM at Creative Words

Bonjour Thea,

Merci beaucoup pour votre traduction qui est d'une très bonne qualité.

[Goodmorning Thea,

Thank you so much for your high quality translation.]

Clara Dimitrov - Alpis
[Translation, subtitling and synchronization]

- Wow Thea, you are so great! Thank you so much! Really thanks for your highly efficient work!

- Recently, there’s one person who wrote to us and said he read the article you translated from the website. He thinks the article benefits him a lot and he feels the love of the Lord to mankind […] we also want to say thanks to you sincerely!

Dina -
[Translation and localization of Christian blog articles]

Great service, very professional with good communication.

Richard Taylor
[Sworn translation for birth certificate]